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 OpenNCC, the first open AI vision appliance is the best platform for developers to rapidly deploy production ML/DL vision solutions on a proven system with open access to best ML tools of their choice. 


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OpenNCC Applications

Here are some examples of the market applications for OpenNCC.

Industrial Inspection

OpenNCC provides industrial C-mount lens flexibility, along with high-speed 120fps HD color global shutter sensor to handle a wide variety of industrial vision challenges.  The on-board ML inference accelerator provides fast, deterministic response time to support high-speed controls.

Smart IR Temperature Monitoring

OpenNCC IR+ helps to screen for elevated body temperatures and is suitable for deployment at hospitals, schools, shops, etc. It includes a thermal camera sensor and HD color camera with the OpenNCC AI vision processor. High accuracy full-frame temperature map with auto-calibration and facial feature localization are just a few of its features.

Health Monitoring

OpenNCC AI vision appliance is ideal for motion analysis, patient authentication, inventory tracking and other vision tasks in elderly care, hospitals and clinics.

Operational Safety

Deliver advanced AI safety monitoring with support for PPE compliance, dynamic safety zone enforcement around equipment, and many other vision-based safety tasks.


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