2 ways to play video live streaming from OpenNCC WE

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

In our previous blog OpenNCC WE: A POE and WIFI enabled Edge AI IOT camera to sense the world we introduced an OpenNCC based IP Camera which provides WiFi connection and PoE(Power over Ethernet)

Many friends have interests in this product and wonder whether it is complex to play with it. Not at all. It is very easy to get video streaming from OpenNCC WE and play it on your client software players.

Today I am going to introduce and demonstrate two ways to play live video streaming from OpenNCC We. One is by our official open-source client software OpenNCC ipc_viewer, and another is by the most powerful open-source player VLC.

Here is a glance at how to play with OpenNCC WE using both OpenNCC ipc_viewer and VLC:

Quite easy right? Below is detailed operation instructions:

1. Material&source preparation

  • One OpenNCC WE Camera

  • One PC with Ubuntu installed

  • Power 12V

2. Preparing operation tools

  • Clone OpenNCC WE’s operation tools from


git clone https://gitee.com/eyecloud/openncc_ipc.git

  • Enter ipc_viewer_IV1.0.0, then start the program

sudo ./AppRun

If you want to get operation instructions for ipc_viewer, please refer to “IPC user manual.docx”, you can download it from the link: https://gitee.com/eyecloud/openncc_ipc/tree/master/doc

3. Boot device

  • Power on and start the device

  • Search the WiFi named "OpenNCC_ipc" on the PC (It takes about 30 seconds after the device booted, the wifi can be scanned)

  • Connect to the WiFi "OpenNCC_ipc"

4. Live streaming

  • Click “Scan devices” on ipc_viewer, the device will be scanned

  • Click “Play” the program will play automatically, after about five seconds.