Our Innovative Technology

We want to help accelerate the deployment of smarter applications that use AI/ML vision.

The Open AI Vision Appliance eliminates vision system hardware complexities with a fully-integrated AI vision device, so developers can deploy applications faster. OpenNCC lets you quickly deploy trained ML models into an industrial-grade AI camera to generate real-time video inference metadata. Your application accesses the metadata through simple APIs. The OpenNCC appliance is fully open source, so you can adapt the system to meet your needs.



We customized our technology for our corporate customers to solve problems in elderly-care safety, manufacturing quality assurance, health screening, facilities optimization, and more.

Ethernet port

If your application requires an active internet connection, you can get the OpenNCC IPC version, which has an integrated ethernet port.

Communication Infrastructure

OpenNCC IPC supports IP4, TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP, DHCP, FTP, and ONVIF network protocols.

AI Results

It is ideal for motion analysis, patient authentication, inventory tracking and other vision tasks in elderly care, hospitals and clinics.


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OpenNCC is an industrial grade vision appliance for deep-learning vision system developers that accelerates field deployment of commercial AI vision solutions.